Royal Arms British Waterways Act 1995 (c. i)

1995 c. i


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  British Waterways Act 1995 (c. i)

1995 Chapter c. i



Part I
1.  Short and collective titles.
2.  Interpretation.
Part II
Entry on land
3.  Interpretation of Part II.
4.  Entry on to land in cases of emergency.
5.  Notice of entry, etc.
6.  Power to enter land and carry out relevant operations pursuant to notice of entry.
7.  Saving in cases of emergency.
8.  Further provisions as to entry.
9.  Payment for entry.
10.  Compensation.
11.  Disputes as to payments, etc.
12.  Offences under Part II.
13.  For protection of relevant undertakers.
14.  For protection of Port of London Authority.
15.  Saving for Thames Conservancy Act 1932.
Part III
Regulation and management of inland waterways
16.  General terms of houseboat certificates.
17.  Conditions as to certificates and licences.
18.  Obstruction by vessels.
19.  Removal of vessels to permit works, etc.
20.  Provisions as to private moorings.
21.  Control of moorings, etc.
Part IV
Miscellaneous and general
22.  General environmental and recreational duties.
23.  Amendment of section 49 of Transport Act 1968.
24.  As to power to establish undertakings on request.
25.  Power to appropriate parts of docks.
26.  Weston Point Docks.
27.  Provisions as to sections 25 and 26>.
28.  Limehouse Basin.
29.  Repeal of section 147 of Severn Navigation Act 1842.
30.  River Weaver to be river waterway.
31.  Notices.
32.  Arbitration.
33.  As to certain legal proceedings.
34.  Crown rights.
35.  Saving for Trinity House.
36.  Repeals.
37.  Application to Scotland.
  Schedule 1   —General terms of houseboat certificates—
  Part I—   Introductory.
  Part II—   Terms applicable to sites controlled by Board.
  Part III—   Terms applicable to all certificates.
  Schedule 2—    
  Part I—   Insurance policies as to vessels.
  Part II—   Standards for construction and equipment of vessels.
  Schedule 3—   Repeals.