for prohibiting or controlling water-skiing or any similar activity on canals belonging to or under the control of the British Waterways Board and for the increase in penalties for breach of bye-laws made pursuant to the powers of the British Transport Commission Act, 1954 (as amended by the British Waterways Act, 1971)
Application of Bye-laws
Application of Bye-laws
1.     These Bye-laws shall apply to every canal or inland navigation in England and Wales belonging to or under the control of the British Waterways Board
     These Bye-laws shall come into operation at the expiration of twenty-eight days after their confirmation by the Secretary of State
Definition of terms
2.     In these Bye-laws except so far as the context otherwise requires the following expressions have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them that is to say
"the Board" means the British Waterways Board
"canal" means any canal or inland navigation belonging to or under the control of the Board and includes any works lands or premises belonging to or under the control of the Board and held or used by them in connection with such canal or inland navigation
"power-driven vessel" means any mechanically propelled vessel driven by machinery
"vessel" includes any ship boat barge lighter raft or scooter ski
"water-skiing" means the activity involving the propulsion or towing of a person in or along the surface of the water of a canal by means of a power-driven vessel or other mechanical device attached to or controlled by such person not being in or on a vessel
Water-skiing only with consent
3.     No person shall carry on water-skiing on any canal without the consent of the Board which consent may be subject to conditions
4.     Any person who offends against the foregoing or any of the Board's General Canal Bye-laws or any of the Bye-laws for the regulation of the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal and River Severn Navigation shall be liable on summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding twenty-five pounds for each offence and in any bye-law prescribing penalties the words "twenty-five" shall be substituted for the word "five"
The application hereto of
the COMMON SEAL of the
BRITISH WATERWAYS BOARD is authenticated by
T.T. LUCKCUCK Secretary
on the fourth day of February1972
Confirmed by the Secretary of State for the Environmment
on the 23rd day of May 1972
An assistant secretary in the
Department of the Environment